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gabriel (ebiel)

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Just got this angry fella from the seller on 26-08-2011. I think it’s a wild captive or is it only being stressed out? (judging by the look of the seller who doesn’t give a damn about taking care of them but the money).  Took only one from about seven of them, the others are having blindness on their eyes, took pity of them but could only save one because of my limited budget, as it took me about Rp. 500.000,00 for it, along with it’s needs, e.g emergency cages, transports, food, and all that kind of stuff.

After 3 days, i finally got me gentle strokes of his head, but my thumb got bitten when i tried to move him to another ’emergency’ cage, the previous ‘cage’ just got smelly odors for several of reasons, not to mentioned ‘the poops’. Now i think he is stressing out again for having this new ’emergency’ cage, he has been trying to bite my fingers every time my giant face caught up his attention since moved, but maybe it’s my face that stresses him out. 😛

This is my second sugar glider, the first one died on my little brother’s palm years back, because i didn’t know how to raise it, i bought it at Bandung Indah Plaza (they used to have wild animal seller at the entrance) without ever knowing what it was (neither were meant to buy any kind of animals), simply because it looked really cute and harmless, unlike this one, it bites and a bit older too, which makes him even harder to tame, uh how i miss my first sugar glider. 😛


Written by frans

30/08/2011 at 17:28